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What kind of photograph can you work from?
I can work from a 'real' photo or a digital one, in colour or black and white. Ideally, the photo should show the subject clearly and in focus with no harsh lighting. The more detail shown in the photo, the more detail you will have in your portrait. Sizewise, the smallest photo I can work from is around 6"x4". Digitally speaking, a jpeg is preferable, minimum size 100k.

Can you take photographs to base the portrait on?
I would be happy to travel with my digital SLR camera to any location within reasonable travelling distance of Addingham to take some photographs. There would be a small fee to cover my petrol costs to be agreed between us beforehand and you will have the option to purchase prints or a cd of images from the shoot. Email me if you would like to know if I can travel to your location.

How do I commission a portrait?
Please email me in the first instance. This is so that we can discuss your requirements, timescales and confirm the price of the portrait. I would be happy to receive your photographs by email or snail mail.

Do you accept commissions from overseas?
I welcome commissions from anywhere in the world. Please email me for postage costs.

Do you do group portraits from multiple photographs?
I am happy to draw group portraits (people, animals or mixed). Please email me for a quote and to discuss your requirements.

Can you frame and mount my portrait?
My standard service and pricing is for the portrait only, due to increased cost of postage and risk of damage that occurs when adding a frame and glass.

Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
Certainly! I provide personalised vouchers for whichever amount you care to specify. They make an excellent gift for a loved one.

What do I do if I have another question that isn't listed here?
Email me at and I will answer as soon as I can!

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